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International Student Programs

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Programs With a Global Perspective

If you’re looking for a tech-powered undergraduate or graduate college degree program, consider DeVry University or its Keller Graduate School of Management. We provide personalized attention, hands-on learning opportunities and year-round enrollment every eight weeks. Our international student programs provide processing for new or transfer I-20 and degree completion programs.

At DeVry, you can earn your degree from an accredited university1 and a recognized credential to present to employers and other institutions of higher learning.

  • International students may qualify for the DeVry Opportunity Grant,2 which is an award you can take advantage of to offset college expenses early on, and an opportunity for us to welcome you as you begin to advance your ambition at DeVry.3
  • Beginning in the July 2023 session, a $5,000 International Success Scholarship is being offered to all eligible applicants enrolling in an approved I-20 program and location who are studying in the United States on a F-1 Visa during their first year. The $5,000 scholarship will be divided among the students' first 3 semesters.2

  • Beginning in the January 2024 session, international undergraduate and graduate students living abroad and studying online may be eligible to receive a scholarship for 50% off the prevailing tuition rate. This scholarship is available to students regardless of their pursued program, including certificates, undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Our purpose is to empower your journey forward. Will your story be a part of our ongoing history of innovation? Let’s connect.

Information to Get You Started


We partner with agents who can connect with you in your home country.

Visa Information 

We understand the importance of the visa application process and will ensure you are equipped with pertinent information.


Learn more about
Visa Requirements
Scholarships and Grants 

We strive for an education that is attainable and affordable. Select scholarships are available to international students who apply and qualify.3


Learn more about
Scholarships and Grants
Campus Locations 

We have locations across the United States with enhanced services to address and work with international students who are in pursuit of an education.4


Work Opportunities 

Students have the potential to seek employment in the United States. Your Designated School Official (DSO) will work with you on eligibility requirements and the application process.



Access a brochure to share with your family or loved ones.

Graduate Degree Programs for International Students

Prepare to make a difference in today's global economy with Keller Graduate School of Management. An accredited1 provider of graduate education, Keller has offered career-focused business programs designed to help prepare you to pursue your chosen profession for 50 years. Because of its diverse student population, interactive curriculum, small class sizes and courses taught by experienced faculty, Keller is the option many students from outside the United States choose for their international graduate education.

Experience Support Through Graduation and Beyond

Our Alumni Association and career services team can help you make employment connections even after you graduate. The level of career services offered among our international student programs varies and depends on employment opportunities permitted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and/or students'/graduates' visas.

Locations with Enhanced International Services

DeVry has multiple SEVP-certified campuses across the United States for our international students. Two campuses are specially prepared with international student programs to support your pursuit of a successful career, including:

  • Chicago Area (Chicago Campus)

  • New York City Area (Midtown Manhattan Campus)

On Campus: International students can register only at the following campuses: Chicago, IL and New York City, NY to receive guaranteed full-course availability. Program and session start limitations vary by location.

Practical Training Options

International students on F-1 visa status pursuing a degree program, are eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) during or after the completion of their degree program. Your Designated School Official (DSO) will work with you on eligibility requirements, employment options, and the application process 

Why Choose Our International Student Programs?

Choosing a college can be even more appealing when you find out what current students have to say. 

Enid White
Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a Specialization in Human Resource Management, Current Student
I have been inviting persons and am most likely to continue inviting persons to study at DeVry because of my learning experience. Most importantly, great qualified lecturers who are knowledgeable about the courses. The Student Advisors are phenomenal. DeVry provides professional online tutoring, full online library services. You get to interact with students from different social, economic and demographic backgrounds. And they offer student loans, scholarships and other financial payment plans.
Orientation and Support Services

DeVry University not only provides new student orientation and the support services international students need to thrive, we connect you with a Designated School Official (DSO) who offers one-on-one assistance. Learn more about international student orientation and support.

Did you know?

At Keller Graduate School of Management, international students pay the same tuition rate as domestic students and may qualify for several scholarships.

International Student FAQs

When should I apply?

Once you have verified that you meet all the international student admission requirements, you may begin the admissions process. If you are applying to one of DeVry's degree programs prior to completing the minimum educational level for that program, you will be required to submit additional documentation upon graduation.

  • Undergraduate Degree

    Submit a high school or secondary school transcript upon graduation

  • Graduate Degree

    Submit official university transcript/mark sheets upon completion of your four-year baccalaureate degree.

How long does the process take?

We pride ourselves on processing all international applicants in an efficient manner. To increase your likelihood of reaching the time frame outlined below, please submit all required documents to your International Admissions Representative in a timely fashion. If you have questions about our admissions process and/or the documents you are required to submit, please contact your International Admissions Representative, or request information today.



Within the United States: 1-2 weeks

Coming outside of the United States: 3-5 weeks



the United States: 1-2 weeks

Coming outside of the United States: 2-3 weeks

How do I apply if I will be transferring from another school in the United States?

Students who have already entered the United States on an I-20 and who are transferring from another school must have all the necessary documentation up-to-date and ready to submit to their Designated School Official (DSO). In addition to the regular requirements and documentation necessary for enrollment, we will also need a copy of your most recent I-20 and transcripts from the previous school. If you are not sure what documents you will need, please Contact a Designated School Official (DSO) for guidance.

When will I know If I’m accepted?

Once your application has been processed and all necessary documentation has been received and approved, you will receive the following:

  • Pre-Arrival Guide

  • Letter of Acceptance

It is very important that your application and admissions requirements be complete and accurate when they are submitted. An incomplete file will delay processing your application and will likely result in the postponement of your class start.

Students who have already entered the United States on an I-20 and who are transferring from another school must have all the necessary documentation up-to-date and ready to submit to their International Student Advisor. In addition to the regular requirements and documentation necessary for enrollment, we will also need a copy of your most recent I-20 and transcripts from the previous school.

When can I start?

We have multiple entry points per academic year. Contact your International Student Advisor for the start date that works best for you to pursue your educational and career goals.

What are my international student health insurance options?

Medical costs can be unexpected. Be prepared and be knowledgeable about the resources available to you while studying in the United States.

We have identified the following list of health insurance providers for our international students. Although we don’t offer student health insurance, students are encouraged to obtain the appropriate coverage to meet their needs. Resources and related information can be reviewed via the following links:


International Student Organization (ISO)

International Student Insurance

PSI International Student & Scholar Health Insurance

1DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), The University’s Keller Graduate School of Management is included in this accreditation.
2The DeVry University Opportunity Grant will be available in the 2023-2024 school year (July 2023 – May 2024) to new and readmit students who meet merit and need-based qualifications. Subject to approval, use requirements, program level and availability of funds. Specific eligibility criteria apply. This grant cannot be used in combination with any other offer or award or group-specific tuition rate.
3Students may participate in only one DeVry University-based scholarship, grant or group tuition benefit program at a time. Those who qualify for more than one program will be presumed to accept the program with the highest reduction in by- session cost. Students who qualify for and prefer a different tuition benefit program must confirm, in writing, the alternate program in which they wish to participate prior to starting classes at DeVry. Scholarship and grant terms and eligibility conditions are subject to change. Scholarships are available to those who apply and qualify. Click here (link to scholarship page) for more information.
4Program and course availability vary by location. In site-based programs, students will be required to take a substantial amount of coursework online to complete their program.